Saint Mary of the People

Raphael Tour starts inside  the Church of Saint Mary of the People where Raphael erected the Chapel of the Chigi Family.

Agostino Chigi was a very rich banker and the most representative member of this nobel Family.

We will visit the Pantheon (inside), erected by Hadrian Emperor in the II century a.D., he preserves the widest Dome in the world.

The Pantheon was a roman pagan temple dedicated to all Gods, it is very famous because inside is  the tomb of the great Raphael and two Kings of Italy.

Raphael Tour will also show you, on the third pillar of the Church “Saint Augustine”, one more Raphael’s masterpieces fresco representing the Prophet Isaiah.

Inside Saint Mary of the Peace, near Navona square, Raphael painted a fresco with “The four Sybilles”: Cumana, Persica, Frigia, and Tiburtina.

The tour can be modified and adapted to every demand

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